12 February 2011

Hank Jr. asks, ......

"Does this mule make my butt look big?"

It was -24 the morning I took this picture ---- pretty frosty, aren't they?!?!

01 February 2011

Ruby ...... Oh, Ruby.

FINALLY, here is a picture of my new mule, Ruby. She is adorable, don't you agree? ; ) In this picture, she and Hank Jr. have just hauled home a load of firewood (Saturday, January 29, 2011). It wasn't a huge load of wood, but it was hard for them getting it off the lake because we have had a lot of snow and the bobsled was dragging bottom where the lake meets the road. She is a trooper and is really STRONG!

09 September 2010

My Temporary Puppy ....

Yes, I had a puppy for a few days, but I knew he would be happier in a different home so I delivered him yesterday on to the next leg of his journey. He sure is a cutie, don't you agree??

I called him TryMe, because he is tri-colored and because he DID 'try me', as all puppies will do.

Before I brought him home, I wondered if Babe or Cheddar would be less tolerant of him, but it turns out that it was TED! What a riot -- Babe and Cheddar were both much more accepting than I anticipated, but Ted went out of his way -- again and again and again! -- to make sure TryMe knew he was not welcome in Ted's space.


06 July 2010

Hello from Sitka!

Hi All,

No time to post photos today -- I'm in a public library in Sitka, soon to re-board the ferry. We have stopped in Sitka long enough for me to buy a souvenier and, more importantly, a chunk of fresh chocolate walnut fudge! Yep, I am losing weight on this trip! ; )

Tomorrow we dock in Ketchikan for most of the day, then on to Bellingham, WA. I will get off there at 8am Friday and catch a shuttle to the airport. I am having a great time but am also ready to come home. I miss my puppies!

04 July 2010


Remember, you can click on any of the pics in my blog to enlarge them .....


Alaska is beautiful! Words cannot describe it ... I'm posting a few pictures to help. Everywhere I go, I just want to take off into the mountains to explore!!!!

Did you notice the two bears in the middle picture??? : )

28 June 2010

Conference time ....

Hey All. Yesterday was a visit to the hot springs and the ice castle -- very interesting and very Alaska. A young bull moose walked right through the hot springs grounds -- I got lots of pictures. Also got to see sled dogs and trail-ride horses there, so I got my animal 'fix'. Sorry, but I can't post pics from this computer -- not sure when I might be able to again, but for now it's just text (*boring!*). Conference starts this morning -- 8-5:30 for the next three days -- YEA!

26 June 2010

Oh, yeah .....

And I forgot to mention, it really doesn't ever get dark here! That's why I am up in the middle of the 'night' sending email and posting on my blog .... the sun is still shining. And I'm not kidding! ; )

Yep .... it's so beautiful here!

I am having a FANTASTIC time in Alaska! I have spent the last three days touring the area between Fairbanks (central AK) and Valdez (Prince William Sound/south AK). We toured a salmon fishing boat, a self-sufficient community, talked to a young-ish couple who live off the land, toured the pipeline, looked at lots of cool plants and birds, have seen a MILLION beautiful scenic vistas, saw one grizzly bear ! and several moose ..... and have eaten incredibly good food (and lots of it). MAN, I have had a great time already! Tomorrow is free, then it's back to a packed schedule full of fun. More details later! klt